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Big Mama Jubilee Takes The Prize

Straight out of Earth in Transition comes the story of Big Mama Jubilee, reader extraordinare.  My favorite part about this photo is that the kiss was definitely not staged!

You know what they say –  outside of a dog a book is a man’s best friend . . . inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.  (OK, not ‘they’ so much as Groucho Marx.)

Best Friends Animal Society co- founder Michael tells us that Jubilee is a pit bull mix who was rescued from the streets of Albany and taken to the local shelter by a fine woman named Nancy.  When she got no adoption offers, Jubilee was going to be killed in order to make room for newcomers.  Nancy came back and rescued Jubilee once again, then told pittiable friend Amy Willey about her.   Needless to say, Big Mama Jubilee is now Jubilee Willey!  More photos and stuff at


"You can't tell her what to do, she'll just throw you out in the yard. Pit Bull Rescue woman, she's stubborn, strong and smart."

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