Warren the pit bull something something mix
Warren the pit bull something something mix

“She’s a pitbull rescue woman; she’s stubborn,  strong and smart.”

Warren over there is the first pit bull I adopted, and he is a mix of who knows what.  I think he has English Bulldog because of his underbite, tiny curly tail, and, well, lack of smarts.  He has been officially diagnosed as “special” by my vet friend.  Warren was very scared when I got him, and un-neutered to add to the mix.  So we got an aggressive, scared dog.  It took a month to get him comfortable with people again – now he loves everyone.  He pouts when he sees children but they don’t pet him.  Dogs are a different matter; it took a solid year to get him comfortable around dogs.  How comfortable has gone up and down over the years.  Now he is not terribly fond of any dog, but particularly dislikes un-neutered males, larger, dark colored dogs, and that poodle that lives down the street.

Myself, I have a good knowledge of anatomy, worked as a vet assistant for my friend the vet for about a year (on and off), and have been volunteering at a shelter for some months.  When Warren needed bilateral knee surgery (his leg bones are also twisty, and his knee caps were way up his legs), I did his rehab.  So I want to practice and learn more about physical and emotional rehab in dogs.  I love sitting with shy dogs, and giving dog massages.  While I need a job that pays actual money, I would like to retire into a dog rehab business.

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  1. How great to see a pitbull owner that gives the breed a positive name. Nice blog, I will come back to read more ;)!

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