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Captivating Gemma

Captivating Gemma

This picture makes my eyes happy!  “Captivation”, by Brooklyn artist Dean Russo, seems to pull us through Gemma’s realistically portrayed eyes to  be washed in her sensibility.

Gemma’s mom, Noelle Joy, says “Gemma was seen being thrown out of a car on I95 in Rhode Island. She was 10 weeks old and had a muzzle on that had grown into her skin from being on so long. She was rescued by Handsome Dan’s a Rescue who I adopted her from. She is the happiest girl ever. She smiles wide and runs like the wind. She is bossy and tough but always has a kiss ready for anyone willing to lean in for it.”

And to add to the cool, Dean Russo Art will donate $2 for every “Gemma” print sold through the website to Handsome Dan’s Rescue for Pit Bull type dogs!
220 36th Street 6th FL, B614
Mail Box#66
Brooklyn, NY 11232


"You can't tell her what to do, she'll just throw you out in the yard. Pit Bull Rescue woman, she's stubborn, strong and smart."

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