People, you have got to see these photos

Rusty Jhorn uses his amazing photography skills to support the Monmouth County SPCA. Great pictures make for more adoptions – and who wouldn’t adopt one of these guys? So go over to Rusty Rembrandt Studio’s dog photo section, enjoy some great pics, and give ’em some pocket change, ok?

If you don’t, you’ll have to explain to Alize, and you don’t want to do that.

Spud the English Bull Terrier, Cuteness Pro

Thomas Wood’s all white English bull terrier Spud is clearly in the running for World’s Cutest Dog.  I couldn’t choose one photo – Spud in the snow?  Wearing a hat? as a puppy?  He’s a happy guy, you must go see him:
I am Spud, prepare to adore me!

Two words: Dog Pajamas

I’m not going to repost Queen’s fine pictures of dogs in pajamas (four dogs, sixteen cozy legs), I’m going to point you to this fine blog – Queen’s Pits – an even finer picture of a pit bull in the snow wearing pajamas.  That little tail peeking out makes it!