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It’ll be okay, big buddy

Foster parent Jess Blank got a little verklempt when Ellen’s forever parents came to get her.  Fellow Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue foster and good buddy Diesel gave Jess a pittie hug.

Here’s the whole story  *sniffle*



"You can't tell her what to do, she'll just throw you out in the yard. Pit Bull Rescue woman, she's stubborn, strong and smart."

3 thoughts on “It’ll be okay, big buddy

  1. Aww! I love this picture. Pit bulls look very intimidating, but if you really got to know them, my last 3 dogs were pit bulls, you’ll realize that they are: loving, goof balls, sweet and amazing canine companions. But then again, I know I am biased:-)

    1. Pit bulls are amazing dogs, but many times they end up in the wrong hands and that’s why they have such a bad reputation. Pit bulls are adorable:-)

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