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Ratting out Bowser

Sarah is tattling on Bowser, her 2-year-old boy from Nevada; “a perfect angel when we are home with him, but when we leave for work he is an artist of mischief.  One day we came home to find our glass patio table upside down on the bricks, with the umbrella pulled out and torn to shreds all over the backyard.  The table didn’t have a scratch on it.  We still have no idea how he managed it!  Another day he used the dishtowel on our refrigerator to pull the door open, and then proceeded to eat or scatter everything inside.  Needless to say, we don’t keep a towel there any more.”

Another classic from upsidedowndogs!


"You can't tell her what to do, she'll just throw you out in the yard. Pit Bull Rescue woman, she's stubborn, strong and smart."

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