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Is Snickers going Canadian???

Is Snickers going Canadian???

Meet Miss Snickers – this cutie patootie wandered in to a shelter where I was lucky enough to meet her.  She was all over for the lovin’ and the cuddlin’ – but we had to get serious.  After a bath and removal of about 1.600 ticks, it was time to clean up her stinky breath! She kindly permitted me to play dental technician. As I worked my way back along her teeth, this happy, tail-wagging girl showed me the dental fistula that was causing the smell. Yikes! (Look it up if you must.  It’s gross.)
And would you believe it, the Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America stepped up and found this girl a family that wants to take care of her and snuggle her off to Canada. Will it all be arranged in time? Is Snickers heading for the Great White North? Stay tuned!


"You can't tell her what to do, she'll just throw you out in the yard. Pit Bull Rescue woman, she's stubborn, strong and smart."

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